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There exists a new generation of designers in Germany who are currently attracting international attention and seem to be gaining a following.

Their ambition is to inspire society debates with their ideas. At a time when Germany is deliberating about its capacity to project itself into the future, these stylists went ahead innovating and transforming new technologies into creative products, and also redefining the profession and German design. "Schöne neue Welt" ("Brave New World") was the central theme of the "Designmai" international design festival, which took place last year in Berlin and Tokyo. The "Young and German" exhibition presented the works of young designers who launch ideas to change daily life.

This 40 year-old artist likes unusual forms and materials. His products are like extendable landscapes, units that can be added on to complement one other. His current project is called "Level 34", and is a system to improve teamwork, while at the same time putting an end to the annoying pile-up of cables. Society is ever changing - and consumers' expectations along with it. Form no longer simply obeys function.

The recent collection of Werner Aisslinger's Gel Furniture has just entered the Metropolitan Museum of New York collection.