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Every 32 hours, a woman is murdered in Argentina, a victim of conjugal feminicide. Since 2015, the Argentine population has been regularly mobilizing to fight violence against women.

Four years ago, the first protests turned into a women's rights movement, including the right to abortion. Many of them believe that Argentine society is vitiated by macho behavior – in which women are worth no more than objects.
Thousands of people regularly march in the Argentine capital against feminicide. While women form the backbone of this movement, men – mainly fathers who have lost their daughters – also come out in droves. The massive protests come after a series of “feminicides”, widely reported by the Argentinean media.
Mónica Garnica was burned alive and then murdered by her husband. In the court where his trial is being held, the prosecutor, Mónica Cuñarro, is fighting for the application of severe penalties, as well as for better support for victims.
The “Ni una menos” movement (not one less) has now spread to other Latin American countries, such as Peru, Mexico and Colombia.