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In this episode, Pascual Lozano, a gang member who was found guilty of firing a stray bullet that killed a 9-year-old girl, is granted a new trial.

As the trial proceeds, some of the witnesses for the prosecution present unexpected opportunities for the defense. Remy Burkel directs.

In 2002, 5 members of the Crips street gang were riving around North Las Vegas when they spotted a rival gang member and went after him. As the ensuing chase spilled into an apartment courtyard, shots were fired and 9-year-old Genesis Gonzales was killed.
Pascual Lozano, the sole Hispanic in the Crips crew, was charged, convicted and sentenced to death. An automatic repeal has resulted in a new trial, in which Lozano will be represented by defense attorney Bret Whipple and Special Public Defender Ivette Maningo. Lozano steadfastly maintains his innocence, but will not implicate any of his "honeys" who were with him that day. Adding to the layers of complication, Lozano grew up as a de facto family member of the intended victim, Robert "Chucky B." Valentine.
For the defense and the prosecution, the case comes down to eyewitness accounts, and the simple question : what color was the shooter's skin ? As the Deputy District Attorneys Vicki Monroe and David Stanton begin presenting their case, they find themselves stymied by some of the same witnesses who helped them win the first trial in 2003.