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This episode introduces the case of a fatal shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club that was witnessed and recorded by a security camera. On trial are Jesus "Zeus" Vega, a former Marine whose lawyers contend he killed in self defense, and his friend Brian Baker.

In the early morning hours of July 23, 2005, a young Asian American man named Wei Liu was shot and killed in a parking lot outside a Las Vegas strip club,; also injured was Kristian Wong Wui, Liu's fellow passenger in an SUV driven by Amir Mogadam, who was not injured.

The next day, Jesus "Zeus" Vega turned himself in as the shooter, accompanied by his friend Brian baker, a witness to the event. Vega and Baker, a witness to the event. Vega and Baker were both charged with murder, and both assert that Vega, a former Marine, fired in self-defense. The shooting was caught on surveillance videotape, but there is plenty of ambiguity in the grainy black-and-White images of the encounter between three pedestrians (Vega, Baker, and a female companion) and Mogadam's SUV.

After 17 months of delays, the Vega/Baker trial gets underway with the state of Nevada's case, argued by Deputy District Attorneys Linda Lewis and Danae Adams. A critical witness is the SUV's driver, Mogadam; however, following a combative cross-examination, Vega's defense attorney Dominic Gentile, Mogadam fails to turn up for a second day of testimony.