ARTE Distribution

ARTE Distribution is the ultimate reference for factual documentaries, bringing a wide range of documentaries to the world. It is the international program sales unit of the European public channel ARTE with a catalogue of over 4,000 hours of documentaries entrusted by more than 150 prestigious French and foreign production companies. ARTE Distribution has made its mark on the 5 continents.

The programs on offer reflect an ambitious editorial policy, covering all domains: History, Society, Current Affairs, Discovery, Sciences, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, and Short Contents. Our programs remit is simple: to inform and move in order to make better sense of the world we live in through a unique perspective.

Whether for Prime Time or Access, regular slots or one-off programming, ARTE Distribution has established itself as a leading program supplier worldwide, providing creative programs to all media (TV-VOD-DVD-Internet-Inflight) that can rely on ARTEs strong brand with its high public profile and excellent image.

Our pre-sales team also finds international funding for projects that are initiated by the channel and developed by independent producers.

Thanks to its boldness and the diversity of its documentaries, ARTE Distribution is a 4-time winner of the Unifrance TV Export Awards that recognize the best-selling French documentary worldwide, with:

  • 700 SHARKS by Luc MARESCOT and Laurent BALLESTA in 2021
  • FOOTBALL REBELS by Gilles PEREZ and Gilles ROF in 2014
  • SIGNE CHANEL by Loïc PRIGENT in 2007