• We are really happy to announce that THE GOSPEL OF WEALTH - A STORY OF CAPITALISM (1870-2020) will be premiered at the Digital MIPTV’s Factual & Documentary Showcase

    In this series of 3 episodes covering 140 years of economic, political and cultural history, Cédric Tourbe and Romain Huret dissect the capitalist storytelling that has succeeded in perpetuating the American dream – from Rockefeller to the Koch family, or from Carnegie to Bezos, asking why such an injust system has not collapsed yet.

  • We are happy to announce that our team is going to pitch BRAVING THE TIDES at Le Rendez-Vous Docs 2021 on thursday, March 18th. 

    To the rhythm of the tides and for 24 hours, we will sneak into the secret and tumultuous life of the strange creatures of the shorelines, to discover their incredible way of life.

  • Our documentary "STALIN'S EXECUTIONERS - THE KATYN MASSACRE" is selected at the Lauriers de l'Audiovisuel

    This film tells for the first time the story of the Katyn massacre seen from both sides: That of the victims and that of the perpetrators. It reveals how this crime, attributed to the Nazis for 50 years, was in fact carried out by the Soviet secret police, the NKVD.

    Les Lauriers de l'Audiovisuel

  • Our documentary "THE UNGEMACH EXPERIMENT, A STORY OF EUGENICS" is selected at the festival FIPADOC 2021

    In 1924, a garden city, called “Ungemach”, was inaugurated in Strasbourg; it was restricted to couples who bore “healthy and fertile strains”. This officially eugenicist experience was endorsed by both political and scientific authorities, and the selection system lasted until the 1980s!

  • Our documentary "THE STORY OF DRUG TRAFFICKING" is selected at the Realscreen Awards in the category of non-fiction - archive-based program.

    There are few commodities as global as drugs. How this trade influenced relations between states, global financial interests, secret diplomacies, secret special forces and mafias, on all continents over a century in a half.

    This series explores the history of drug trafficking from a political perspective and reveals the murky role played by many states which have used the drug trade as an instrument of power. Opium, heroin, cocaine, and designer drugs have sparked wars, financed militias, and brought down states.

  • ARTE DISTRIBUTION wishes you 

    a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021.

    May this new year be filled with joy and opportunities!

  • We're so proud to announce that 4 of our films are nominated for the Buzzies at the WCSFP 20!
    Best Multiplatform Factual: DATA SCIENCE VS FAKE
    Most Innovative Factual Program: THE DEEP MED
    Best History Program - Long Format: NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS: THE SECRETS OF THE BUILDERS  
    Best Natural History Program: 50 Shades of Sharks

  • Our documentary «THE BLOB: A GENIUS WITHOUT A BRAIN» won the audience award at Pariscience, the silver prize at the AAAS Kavli Prix de Journalisme de Science, the Student Jury Prize at the Festival Academia Film Olomouc and the award for the best international film at the the CZU Film Festival.

    Our film has been selected at the SilbersalzFIPADOCSci-Fi London and the EURASF (Award for the Best European Science film). 

  • Our documentary "SAVING EGYPT’S TEMPLES" directed by Olivier Lemaître won the "Alfredo Castiglioni" prize from the technical jury and the audience prize at the Archeofilm festival 2020 in Varese (Italy).

    In 1945, Nasser’s project to build a lake in Southern Egypt threatened to submerge hundreds of ancient temples, including of Ramses II and Cleopatra. Thanks to an unprecedented international mobilization, discover how this exceptional heritage was saved.

  • Our documentary "HACKERS FOR FREEDOM" received the Jury’s Special mention at the Terra Festival, the audience award of the FReDD festival and the special highlight of the Festival du Film Vert

    Our film is programmed at the FIDH in Geneva, selected at the Human Rights Festival of Toulouse and at the Human Rights Festival of Tunis.

  • We are very proud to announce that our film «THE TRUE STORY OF KING TUT'S TREASURE» has just won the Price of the best film for its scientific contribution at the 17th International Festival of the Archeology Film - ICRONOS


    Almost 100 years after the discovery of King's Tut's Tomb, it is time to tell the story in a new light. This film uses 2D and 3D imagery to reconstruct the tomb, the mummy, the funerary objects and the topography of the famous valley of the Kings. 

  • Our report «SYRIA: TRAPPED IN IDLIB» directed by Yaman Khatib, Fadi Al-Halabi et Suzanne Allant won the 1st prize in the large format TV category of the 27th Bayeux Calvados-Normandie Prize for war reporters.

    9 years after the dawn of the Syrian revolution, the rebels are making their last stand in Idlib. The region has been embroiled in heavy fighting for months.

    Prevented from fleeing by the Turkish army on one side and the Syrian government forces on the other, civilians are trying to survive in a conflict that they have nothing to do with. The Syrian army is supported by Russia and Iran. It has been relentlessly bombing this territory to reclaim it, civilians becoming an acceptable “collateral damage” in the endeavor.  The United Nations calls it “the greatest humanitarian horror story of the twenty-first century”. The number of people displaced by the fighting since December has now reached 1 million – 80 % of whom are women and children.
    These people have lost all hope that their pleas for help can ever be heard. A team of Syrian journalists went to meet them on the paths to exile.