• ARTE DISTRIBUTION's team is proud to announce that our documentary THE DEEP MED is selected at the prestigious JACKSON WILD MEDIA AWARDS 2020 in the Best Science in Nature Film - Long Form - category.

    4 divers spent 28 days in 5m2 capsule at 120m deep. By the team of 700 sharks.

  • ARTE DISTRIBUTION's team is happy to announce that our series LIVING WITH VOLCANO coproduced with LES BONS CLIENTS is selected in several International festivals.

    -The series is selected at Wildlife Conservation Film festival that will take place in New York in october.

    Also at :

    -Godollo international nature film festival, to be held in Hungary from 11 to 13 September 2020

    - Swiss Mountain Festival, from 10 to 15 April 2020

    - AcampaDoc, in Panama from 06 to 15 August 2020

    - EBS International Documentary Film Festival.

  • We’re proud to announce that 3 of our projects ISAAC ASIMOV, THE MAN WHO SAW THE FUTURE, PHARMACEUTICALS: AN ECONOMY OF SCARCITY and THE MAGICAL WORLD OF MOSS are officially selected to be pitched at the upcoming Sunnyside of the Doc virtual edition.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.



  • Dear friends, as you know, in the current environment, MIPTV and MIPDOC have been canceled due to the global coronavirus epidemic. We work from home and are available for any question! Here is our NEW line-up and our PRESALES line-up

  • We are happy to announce that our documentaries LEONARDO’S REDISCOVERED MASTERPIECETHE BIRTH OF HAUTE CUISINE and THE CARAVAGGIO AFFAIR have been selected at the International Festival of Films on Art, which is being held in Montréal from March 17th to 29th. 

  • We are very proud to announce that our documentaries THE BLOB: A GENIUS WITHOUT A BRAIN and THE CARAVAGGIO AFFAIR have been selected by the International Documentary Festival FIPADOC 2020 for the French Documentary category, and THE MONGOL HORSE TAMER for the Family Films category! 

  • We are very proud to announce that THE MONGOL HORSE TAMER has just won the GRAND PRIZE at the International Film and Book Festival of Adventure at La Rochelle (France).

    In the Darhat valley of northern Mongolia, the horses of the nomadic tribes are disappearing. Bandits are stealing them to sell to Russian abattoirs for just a few rubles. But Shukhert, a crime-fighting Darhat horseman, is relentlessly pursuing them to the Taiga mountain range of Mongolia, on the border with Siberia.

  • We are very proud to announce that our film THE BLOB: A GENIUS WITHOUT A BRAIN has just won the Audience Award at the 15th Edition of the Pariscience festival! 

    Here comes the Blob! More commonly known as slime-mold, this extraordinary one-billion-year-old organism challenges our worldview on living matter and is about to revolutionize the concept of brainless intelligence. 

    Blending science fiction, animation, the beauty of nature, humor and cutting-edge science, this is a quirky trip exploring this most surprising and mind-blowing organism. Neither animal, nor plant, nor fungi, the blob is one giant single cell whose amazing capacities are leading pioneer scientists to a very new world – that of brainless intelligence. 

    Shot on 3 continents, the film is a scientific investigation shaped like a thriller, following top international experts from Europe, Japan and the US, through their major discoveries, and offering a mind-blowing experience into the very roots of cognition.

  • Very few Icons have at once embodied the Myths of their own country while revealing its contradictions: heiress of the Hollywood star system and muse of the French auteur Cinema, Academy Award winning actress and committed producer, feminist and aerobic queen... Our documentary JANE FONDA  will tell her amazing life.

    In a lifetime, Jane Fonda may have reconciled all the facets of America without renouncing her own integrity. Through her portrait, the film tells a social and political story while drawing the picture of a typically American phenomenon.

  • We are very proud to announce that our film A CONVERSATION WITH ROMY has just won the Best Biography Documentary Award at the 4th Edition of the Alive International Documentary Film Festival in LOS ANGELES ! 

    She was one of the greatest French actresses. At the height of stardom, Romy Schneider recorded an interview in which she recounts her youth and her career, a very emotional and revealing testimony.

    Forty years later, Alice gave Patrick Jeudy the audio tapes of this conversation and steps back into the limelight to tell us about this unique night – during which Romy Schneider shed a raw light on her life.

  • 700 Sharks nominated at the Emmy’s. A 4K special in which we dive for the first time by night into a feeding frenzy of 700 sharks in Polynesia, the largest concentration of sharks in the world. Filmed with very ambitious camera gear, this documentary reveals unprecedented social behavior of sharks.



    The film demonstrates that, contrary to what science said up to now, sharks do not hunt alone. They are actually organized with a leader, have strategies and collaborate among one another. An organization that resembles a pack of wolves or lions.
    Discover incredible scenes of hunting, like in a savannah wildlife film, in which fifty sharks team up to capture one fish, and prey that sometimes manages to outsmart sharks.
    Filmed with underwater 4K cameras, drones, Gopro black for “bullet time” effect, high speed cameras to capture the best predation scenes that last less than a second. 
    A world premiere that will change our knowledge of shark behavior.


    This is with great sadness that we've learned the death of JOHNNY CLEGG.His hits Asimbonanga (paying tribute to Nelson Mandela) and Scatterlings of Africa propelled him to the rank of worldwide star. But he leaves a wider legacy as a symbole of the struggle against apartheid. Our director, Amine MESTADI had the opportunity of a very close and intimate interview of this inspiring man.


    1988. In only few months, South African musician Johnny Clegg, an almost unknown artist, has sold millions of albums. With his hit Asimbonanga, which paid tribute to Nelson Mandela, he was instantly propelled to the rank of worldwide star and became the symbol of the struggle against apartheid.