• Ken Loach's new movie The Old Oak has been selected in Competition at the 76th International Cannes Film Festival. The rebellious director is one of the festival's most honored directors with seven awards.


    Dive into the cinema master's universe with the brand new documentary KEN LOACH, THE ART OF ACTIVISM featuring Ken Loach himself, and with never-before-seen professional and personal archives, and many exclusive interviews.

  • We are thrilled to announce that the documentary MANDELA'S SECRET ARMY has been selected in the Feature Documentary category at FESPACO (Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou). The 28th edition of FESPACO is scheduled to be held from February 25 to March 4, 2023.

  • Arte Distribution appears in the top stories of Variety following the Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris Edition 2023. Read the article: Ken Loach Video, In-Person Presentations Energize Market Activity for Arte Distribution

  • We are thrilled to announce that the documentary MUSIC OF ANCIENT GREECE has been selected in two international festivals: The doc will be first broadcast at ARCHEOFILM during the International film festival of Archaeology, Art, and Environment, in Florence (Mar. 1 – Mar. 5). Then, it will be presented at the International Festival of Archeological Films at the Roman Museum in Nyon, Swiss (Mar. 21 – Mar. 25).

  • We are happy to announce that the documentary MUSIC OF ANCIENT GREECE has received the Special Mention at the International Archaeology Film Festival of Bordeaux (Icronos 2022).

  • We are proud to announce that ALICE GUY, THE FIRST FEMALE FILMMAKER has been awarded Best Documentary at the American French Film Festival (ex-COLCOA) 2022 edition.

    Discover the story of the first filmmaker and her name was Alice Guy!

  • We are happy to announce that the film THE SATOSHI MYSTERY has been awarded the prize for best web-documentary series at the Marseille Web Fest 2022 edition. 

    Check out this catchy series and try to solve the enigmatic story of Bitcoin!

  • We are thrilled to announce that our documentaries


    have been selected for the Buzzies at the 2022 World Congress (Best History Long Format Category). Winners will be announced during #WCSFP22 in Glasgow, Scotland (Nov 28-Dec 1).

  • We are proud to announce that the series WILD PYRENEES has entered the Official Selection of the Le Grand Bivouac Festival 2022, Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2022 & The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2022, as well as the out of competition selection of the Green Screen Festival 2022.

    This series is an immersion in the heart of the mountain wild fauna, from the lowest to the top, with the wild cat, the bear and the eagle !

  • We are happy to announce that the film NATURE EUROPA - THE BEATING WINGS has been awarded Grand Prize at the Bird and Nature Festival of Abbeville.

    In the light of global warming, this spectacular wildlife film makes us rethink the relationship between humans and wild animals.

  • In the light of current events in Russia, ARTE Distribution proposes a selection of in-depth documentaries to understand geopolitical stakes. Our films take a closer look at Russia's geopolitics, Poutine's strategy, territory disputes and everyday citizen life.



  • We are delighted to announce that LIVING IN GERMANY AT WAR has received the Best French Documentary Award at the 2021 SFCC Awards.

    This film, consisting entirely of archives, recounts the daily lives of both German civilians and soldiers during the six years of WW2, from its start in September 1939 up to the months following the German surrender. A dive into the private lives of a people on the path to self-destruction.