• Director(s):

    OHNONA (Laetitia)

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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A unique thrilling documentary in the heart of ongoing investigations on cyber sexual child abuse, alongside the key players and authorities in cybercrime. Everyday millions of sexual predators are connected on the internet as children are spending more time on the internet. 

In 2021, it is estimated that 85 million sexual photos and videos of children being raped were in circulation worldwide, most of them involving children under the age of 13 (sometimes infants). Far from being abstract and remote, it is a growing global plague concerning all children and teens. It is a global, cross-border phenomenon that questions the transformation of a society in the digital age. Presented as a detective story, this program aims to bring to light the workings that are never seen, to observe the violent reality. Thanks to unprecedented access, the viewer will be immersed in the daily work of agents from France to Germany, from the United States to Canada, from the Philippines to the United Kingdom, specially trained in undercover work. Interrogation techniques, deciphering the psychology of the accused, setting up an arrest operation in flagrante delicto, arraignment before Assize Court...