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Is the euro crisis behind us? How and why did it submerge European economies? An enquiry that reveals the mechanisms at work in the functioning of the infamous "markets".

No country anticipated the public debt crisis and yet it almost pushed Greece into bankruptcy, and paralysed Spain, Portugal and Ireland. At its climax, in early May 2010, it almost toppled the euro. But the Europeans finally decided to put several hundred billion euros on the table to come flying to the rescue of the most threatened EU member states. Unlike the wager of the markets, which underestimated their political will to preserve their currency whatever the cost, they chose measured solidarity.

But the cost of public debt has exploded, particularly in the four most affected countries and all the governments have adopted austerity measures, some of unprecedented harshness, whereas the crisis continues to rage. How did this come about? And is the euro shielded from a new "attack"?

The documentary traces in minute detail the 6 months of the crisis, which was often misunderstood by the public at large, even though it is of capital importance and brought about violent clashes between member States and between the States and the markets.
The main protagonists of these battles dissect the origins of the crisis and explain its mechanisms, revealing some hitherto secret episodes.