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The story of the dollar is that of a myth, the American dream. The dollar flinches and the world quakes. Are we living the first signs of the end of an empire?

The marvellous history of the dollar examines the green back's history, allure, and unique role as a catalyst for globalization, and how the American buck became so almighty that "$" is the most powerful symbol on earth.
It also explores every aspect of its subject: the power of the Federal Reserve, the inner sanctums of foreign central banks that stockpile the currency, and the little-known circles of foreign exchange traders that determine a currency's worth. It traces the dollar's ascendancy from the world-changing Bretton Woods Conference.

To tell its brilliant story, a prestigeous casting :
- The dollar"s founders - Benjamin Franklin (100$) and Alexander Hamilton (10$) who funded the national debt and assumed state debts, Abraham Lincoln who establish the first paper currency to increase the money supply to pay for fighting the Civil War....
- New York Fed President Tim Geithner
- Dominique Strauss Kahn, Director of the IMF.