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The Ecuadorian government launched “Sonrie Ecuador” or “Smile Ecuador” in 2007 with the aim of making Ecuador one of the happiest, most united and most productive countries. 

The project is part of the “Buen Vivir” or “Good Living” political program that president Rafael Correa has been implementing since 2007.
One of the concrete developments of “Sonrie Ecuador” is the social circus, inspired by the Cirque de Soleil in Montreal. The programme, entirely financed by the Ecuadorian State, extends beyond simple circus activities, and is aimed at children from underprivileged backgrounds. At the circus, they are taken in hand, taught values, given back their smile and reacquainted with confidence.
In the space of two years, over 20,000 youngsters have taken part in the Social Circus. In spring 2013, a brand new big top, with a capacity of one hundred, was opened in Cuenca in the south of the country. Other big tops will soon be built in other cities. How exactly do circus lessons make a country happier and more productive? ARTE REPORTAGE went to meet the trainers and those who benefit from the social circus all over the country, as well as the Ecuadorian vice president, a few days before the end of his mandate.