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A 4K special in which we dive for the first time by night into a feeding frenzy of 700 sharks in Polynesia, the largest concentration of sharks in the world. Filmed with very ambitious camera gear, this documentary in virtual reality will reveal unprecedented social behavior of sharks.

The film will demonstrate that, contrary to what science said up to now, sharks do not hunt alone. They are actually organized with a leader, have strategies and collaborate among one another. An organization that resembles a pack of wolves or lions. A three year expedition will show unique behaviors of predators and prey, shot in an entirely natural setting, using no artefacts such as feeding, which is also a first. Discover incredible scenes of hunting, like in a savannah wildlife film, in which fifty sharks team up to capture one fish, and prey that sometimes manages to outsmart sharks.

2019 : Emmy Award Nomination for Best Photography
2019 : Jackson Wild Festival Nomination