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Asbestos has been banned for decades in Europe but its effects are still being felt today, and it is still being produced and sold in many countries. Unscrupulous companies are making a profit from it, while people die because they were exposed to the harmful substance. Will we ever be rid of asbestos?

Far from being satisfied with recording the mistakes of the past, this documentary also X-rays our era: the symptoms of a race for profit are more prevalent than ever and scandals are multiplying like the metastases of an unscrupulous capitalism. Asbestos is gaining new markets. In Russia, the largest mine in the world exports 600,000 tons of asbestos every year, while denying the idea of occupational disease for its workers... but not for its managers. In Bangladesh, "little hands" dismantle cargo ships and European supertankers filled with asbestos without any information on the dangers they face. In Latin America, anger is growing against certain European companies, such as the Franco-Belgian-Swiss group Eternit, which continue to export a product that is nevertheless banned on the Old Continent. Gathering the word of experts, scientists, activists or sick people, this investigation with shocking sequences, exposes a staggering truth: despite the deaths, science and evidence, the killer fiber still has a bright future ahead of it.