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    REICHENBACH (Sebastien)

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    German, English, French

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It’s one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries  that was made in Greece in the last 30 years. A collective, rich in twists and turns epic, that details the crucial stages of a captivating 50-years investigation. Viewers are immersed in the mystical cult of Artemis, the formidable goddess of the hunt, and the intriguing history of Eretria.

The location of the sanctuary of Artemis at Amarynthos has long remained one of the last great archaeological enigmas of Ancient Greece. This vast Artemision is mentioned in several ancient texts, which even go so far as to specify the distance that separates the sanctuary from the ancient city of Eretria. But despite the efforts of numerous scientific expeditions since the end of the 19th century, no trace of the sanctuary or its temple has ever been found, leaving the mystery unsolved. In the 1960s, a young archaeologist from Neuchâtel - Denis Knoepfler - set out in search of the lost temple of Artemis. His investigations soon led him into the hinterland of the island of Euboea, well beyond the limits of previous expeditions. It would take five decades of searching, unshakeable faith and moving tons of earth to finally unravel the mystery. In 2017, a tenacious Swiss-Greek team of archaeologists formally identified the sanctuary of Artemis, where Denis Knoepfler had predicted it lay buried. The repercussions are considerable and will continue to fascinate, several generations of archaeologists.

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