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While the pandemic keeps progressing at an alarming rate in Latin America, the death toll is now over 20,000 in Brazil.

210 million people live in Brazil. The containment rate has been constantly decreasing for a month, new virus outbreaks happen regularly. Meanwhile, its far right “coronasceptic”president keeps questioning the restrictive measures taken by State Governors. The proportion of young adults dying from coronavirus is higher in Brazil than in most other countries, especially among the poorest, who find it harder to respect the rules of social distancing.
Faced with the record rate of deaths – around 1,000 per day – and of infected people, Bolsonaro however keeps a casual attitude and recommends using chloroquine. While mass graves are being dug and the Brazilian health system is on the verge of collapse, the populist president, supported by a third of his electorate, is having fitness studios and beauty salons reopened. A political choice that has confused the entire country and is sowing even more discord among Brazilians.