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These journalists are aged from 10 to 17 and produce a newspaper that is unique in the world, made by and for street children. Jyoti is their editor-in-chief. She never sat on school benches and successively begged, stole and collected garbage... before working for Balaknama, "The Children's Voice".

They now print 8,000 copies in Hindi and English; the newspaper is entirely managed by children and highlights positive initiatives. Yet it does not hesitate to address police brutality, drug problems and forced labor, to the point of moving local authorities on some of the subjects denounced in its pages. A great achievement for a publication whose journalists’ average age is 14...
Balaknama has changed the fate of the 400 children who have had a hand in its success since its launch in 2003. Jyoti got over her drug addiction and would like to continue to help other kids in trouble. Deepak, 16, has resumed his studies; after years of working at the factory, he would like to like to become a TV presenter someday.
Every single one of them is proud to take up this daunting task with renewed pride: to carry the voice of the 100,000 street children of Delhi.