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Libya has been one of the main fronts in the war against terrorism since 2014. The country has been torn asunder by the war – during which multiple jihadist groups have surfaced, including a branch of the Islamic State.

In eastern Libya lies Benghazi, the largest city the country. There, several high security prisons house thousands of North African jihadists; as well as Sudanese, Chadian and French ones. These arrests pose a significant challenge to the authorities: due to a lack of supervision, the prisoners often remain locked up for years before being tried before a military court. An officer close to Marshal Haftar – eastern Libya's strongman – leads a reintegration program that provides moral education to help these men correct their ways. As for the detainees, on the occasion of a visit to the court, they denounce the acts of torture they have allegedly been subjected to.
Delve deep into the heart of Benghazi's largest prison: the Al-Kweifiyah detention center, a meager bulwark against the terrorist threat in the Sahel.