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To convert or to continue to live one's faith in fear: Father Parvez wants to help the people trapped in this dilemma. Parvez is the parish priest of a district of Faisalabad, the country's third largest city. He fights to improve the daily lives of Pakistani Christians threatened by Islamic fundamentalism.

Intolerance towards Christians is on the rise in the country. Regularly accused of blasphemy towards Islam without tangible proof – as the Asia Bibi case reminded us –, deprived of access to certain professions without any law stipulating it, these descendants of Hindus converted in the 18th century have a hard time living in a country where 97% of the population claims to be Muslim.
But, armed with an unshakable faith, this man of the cloth not only tries to consolidate the links with those he calls his Muslim brothers, but also tries to help his own.
Organizer and commentator of a soccer tournament where players of different faiths experience religious tolerance, this longtime Manchester United supporter also buys up the debts of Christian families exploited in Punjab brickyards – with inhumane working conditions – before relocating them to a village built especially for them.
Meet this churchman convinced that religious harmony will eventually prevail in his country.