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Venezuela is in trouble. The supporters of a revolution that is already twenty years old face off against the proponents of liberalism. On one side, President Maduro, Chavez's heir – supported by Iran, Cuba, Russia or Turkey. On the other hand, a young self-proclaimed president, Juan Guaidó – supported by Donald Trump and a majority of EU countries.

This new would-be president has the support of millions of Venezuelans who chose to leave the country – a support justified by his fierce criticism of the current regime's alleged incompetence in dealing with the country's corruption and economic troubles. In a country that is already weakened economically, not a week goes by without a violent protest – the confrontations have already taken 200 lives in four years. The two sides are not anywhere near ready to bury the hatchet. Director Gonzalo Arijon has been following the Chavist revolution since its beginnings. Over the span of ten days, he has directed this bittersweet chronicle through a torn up country...