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    KHATIB (Yaman), AL HALABI (Fadi), ALLANT (Suzanne)

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    German, English, French

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9 years after the dawn of the Syrian revolution, the rebels are making their last stand in Idlib. The region has been embroiled in heavy fighting for months.

Prevented from fleeing by the Turkish army on one side and the Syrian government forces on the other, civilians are trying to survive in a conflict that they have nothing to do with. The Syrian army is supported by Russia and Iran. It has been relentlessly bombing this territory to reclaim it, civilians becoming an acceptable “collateral damage” in the endeavor.  The United Nations calls it “the greatest humanitarian horror story of the twenty-first century”. The number of people displaced by the fighting since December has now reached 1 million – 80 % of whom are women and children.
These people have lost all hope that their pleas for help can ever be heard. A team of Syrian journalists went to meet them on the paths to exile.
This report, by Yaman Khatib, Fadi Al-Halabi and Suzanne Allant, won the first prize in the large format TV category of the 27th Bayeux Calvados-Normandie Prize for war reporters.