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    NICKLAUS (Olivier)

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    English, Arabic, Korean, French, Japanese, mandarin

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An exclusive deep dive into the secrets of creation behind the House of Boucheron and its perennial modernity for over a century and a half. Today, the two women at the head of the company are rethinking luxury by proposing creative and innovative collections, far from the traditional codes of high jewelry.

It is in the heart of Paris, on Place Vendôme, that the world’s greatest jewelry Houses sit across the legendary Ritz Hotel. The very first to set up shop on this iconic square at the end of the 19th century was Boucheron. High jewelry dazzles and fascinates the whole world, elevating jewels to the rank of works of art, and passing down wellkept trade secrets.
This documentary offers an exclusive look backstage at the creation and development of the collections – which over the years have established Boucheron’s privileged spot among the most modern high jewelry Houses in the world. Today, a duet of women upholds this tradition of innovation, by designing exceptional jewels, as poetic as they are technologically innovative: Claire Choisne, Director of Creations and Hélène Poulit-Duquesne C.E.O. From Claire’s first intuitions, nourished by inspirational travels, to the first drawings and models, she often lets her creativity run wild, doing away with commercial security. Then, these ideas are materialized thanks to the unique know-how of the research and development teams, the goldsmith’s workshops, and the involvement of specialists whose professions are sometimes a far cry from the world of fine jewelry, such as a member of NASA or a “petal artist”. On all floors, at the Place Vendôme workshop, teams of mostly women are at work – but also all over the world – to obtain the most beautiful stones, with a real ethical and ecological concern about their origins. Once these unique pieces are completed, marketing enters the stage to publicize the collections, which are intended to be “genderless” – for both men and women. Modern and trendy jewelry. This exclusive deep dive into a refined artisanal process allows us to fully understand that there are no hard limits to the possible achievements of this tirelessly creative spirit. One that, collection after collection, reexamines luxury and reinvents high jewelry.

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