• Provisional Delivery : August 2024
  • One-off

  • Director(s):

    GONON (Vincent), TORTAJADA (Noël)

  • Producer(s):


  • Territories:

    Worldwide (except Switzerland and Ireland).

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  • Language(s):

    English, French

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At the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, Céline Dion surprisingly represented Switzerland, but this has nothing to do with chance. From Quebec to international star, this portrait traces the singer's career to rediscover a character and an image that is all too familiar, yet more complex than it may seem.

How did Céline Dion, a worldwide star who went on to become the world's most famous Quebecker, find herself representing Switzerland at the most memorable edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in the late 80s?
Yet this has nothing to do with chance. In fact, in more ways than one, it reveals the singer's career, and the couple she formed for over 40 years with René Angélil, both her manager and her one true love. It's both romantic and carefully thought through, over-the- top and yet confoundingly sincere.
This adventure, which was an opportunity to conquer new markets as it was a gamble on the part of the producer. It was to reveal to 500 million viewers the transformation of an artist, illustrating how she went from a little girl with a cheesy look and crooked teeth to a young woman ready to seize the moment. Less than 10 years after this victory, Céline Dion was chosen to sing "My Heart Will Go On", the song from Titanic which, like the film, became a worldwide hit. A stunning career!
Through this contest and its breathtaking Grand Final, the portrait of a female competitor emerged. And so it was Switzerland that first gave Céline Dion her champion title and attributes.