• Series (3 Episodes available)

  • Director(s):

    Sardar (Hamid)

  • Producer(s):


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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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This 3-film series explores the depth of the connection, both physical and spiritual, between three nomadic tribes of Mongolia and animals. In each film, the protagonist is faced with an identity crisis between modernity and tradition. However, by returning to the wilderness and bonding with the sacred animal, they find a way to resolve their inner conflict.

Whether it's a woman convincing a camel to adopt a baby through music, a child trying to cure her illness by finding her protective reindeer, or a teenage girl breaking free of gender codes by training a golden eagle, these three stories show how strong are the relationships between the nomadic tribes of Mongolia and the local animals. While the relationships between the protagonists and the animals may seem strange and exotic, the conflicts and problems they face are universal. They awaken something familiar in all of us, evoke myths and common beliefs. In each story, the iconic animal acts as a mirror through which humans learn more about themselves and the dilemmas they face in a changing modern world.
"These ancient rituals of human-animal connection are among the last authentic forms of cultural expression for nomads. As an ethnographic filmmaker, I would like to document these rituals before they disappear, these ancient bonds that connect us to nature and animals. It is this secret language that I would like to convey in this trilogy." Hamid Sardar

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