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Gentle spouses, housewives confined to housework, sex slaves. It has long been thought that women in the Islamic State were only victims forced to obey their husbands, brothers or fathers. This overly reductive image does not reflect reality.

Like men and children, it appears that Daesh has fully integrated these women, Arabs or Westerners, into its mode of operation. For two years, we met with a dozen women of ISIS who played an active role in the terrorist organization. Most of them are still in Iraq or Syria. Some have escaped to neighbouring Turkey. All of them hide and try to forget a painful and often shameful past. Among them are members of the Hisba, the Islamic police known for its cruelty, women of fighters who followed their men out of love or coercion, mothers, torturers, nurses, teachers. All these women, after months of denial, fear and hesitation, ended up talking without restraining. In the course of confidences is emerging a world of oppression, terror, privation, hypocrisy and regrets.
“Woman of Isis” this new documentary film is the third part of a triptyque that tells what really was the Islamic State is really like from the inside, through the voice of its citizens, the very people who made it work. This time, the role of women is recounted through interviews mainly carried out in Raqqa and Mosul, the two capitals of the caliphate, left in ruins today.