• Director(s):

    MELIES (Georges)

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  • Language(s):

    English, French

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The entire collection of Méliès' films - from the well known to the rediscovered Méliès' films enchant people of all ages. As well as being a pioneer, he remains the uncontested master of fantasy and dream worlds, and was the first and most incredible wizard of cinema.

For the first time, viewers can now appreciate the importance of his work - that of a magician and artist whose imagination knew no bounds. The exceptionally talented Méliès produced and directed all his films. He also wrote the "sweet talk", designed the sets, costumes and accessories, and was also the main actor.

Following 25 years of research, and a worldwide search for copies, this collection constitues a genuine reference. The latest technology has been used on these newly restored films, many of which are available for the first time.
The spirit of the era is rendered by 13 musicians.