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At the very heart of the uprising in Iran, this investigation closely follows current events and goes over the multiple stages of this political revolution, by giving voice to actors of the movement and opponents who are in exile. The outcome is unknown, but people are fighting for a peaceful democracy and the end of the theocratic regime.

The current uprising in Iran has all the makings of a nascent revolution. After Mahsa Amini's death while she was held in custody by the morality police on September 16, 2022, the Iranian population spontaneously took the streets to express their opposition to the Mullahs' regime. In public, some women removed their hijab, a symbol of oppression. In doing so, they called for civil disobedience. They've started a movement followed by young women. And they have the support of men. These women are fighting back, despite the repression. They're using social media to make sure their opposition to the regime is heard. Generation Z is educated, open to the world, and has undergone a demographic transition. They are the driving force behind an unprecedented national uprising. Young people are joined by their parents and grandparents. They are rising up against the oppression they have been facing for decades, and the economic crisis that is crushing them. Their struggle mirrors the historical struggles of the Kurdish and Baluchi minorities. The revolt is spreading throughout the country: protests, strikes, barricades... On the other side, fierce repression intensifies. The demonstrators want to put an end to the theocratic regime. They're hoping for a peaceful democracy that would break the regional power games.

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