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Almost every sector of activity today depends on computer codes that are protected by patents from which large firms collect income. Can we free ourselves from these codes?

An immersive doc shot in France, Switzerland, India and the United States with some "Free" software activists and pioneers of the sharing society, who are experimenting new tools of emancipation : free software, but also Open Source seeds, medicines, and knowledge...
There are hardly any sectors of activity that have escaped the grip of computer code: health, stock market, industry, education, or even agriculture. We depend on it in every area of ​​human activity where knowledge is key. And in the process we are losing more and more of our autonomy since most of the software we use without knowing it is said to be "proprietary": their source code protected by patents belonging to large firms which derive an income from it, the amount of which is more and more disproportionate. However, free software can be used, copied, shared and even improved freely by everyone. Resistance members of “ Open Source” therefore see it as a choice of society, and practices of “Open Source” are beginning to spread far beyond IT for the general interest.

Festivals :
Jury’s Special mention at the 15th Terra Festival in Guadeloupe 
Audience award of the FReDD festival 2019 in Toulouse 
Special highlight of the 15th edition of Festival du Film Vert 
- Programmed at the FIDH in Geneva
- Selected at the Human Rights Festival of Toulouse
- Selected at the Human Rights Festival of Tunis