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Eve is a premature baby. This immersive experience is one of ARTE’s first 360° docu-fiction features that puts the audience in Eve’s point of view: surrounded by medical staff, loved by caring parents, in direct contact with a world all new to her, we experience the challenge of the beginning of life. 

“Filming in 360° is a cinematographic turning point requiring the invention of a new language, whose possibilities remain to be discovered. We should not think in terms of frames or shots, but in terms of space and presence in a 360° space,” said Fouzi Louahem, director.
A professional 360° camera with 8 lenses (Nokia OZO) was placed in a baby incubator to capture in a realistic and sensitive way the emotions portrayed by the actors. Thanks to the fictional approach and the 360° directing, this experience offers a unique 360° perceptive. The film’s storytelling technique is revolutionary; the director no longer directs the gaze of the audience. The viewer chooses to look wherever he or she wants. The viewer experiences the film in his or her own way, by looking at details, at an actor or at one action in particular. In an innovative production, spatial sound design using the latest audio equipment in and post-production software enhances the feeling of 360° immersion.
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