• Provisional Delivery : December 2023
  • Series (3 Episodes available)

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    Worldwide (except China and Taiwan).

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    German, English, French

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Little is known about the Chinese triads, the world's most influential mafias. Thanks to exclusive interviews with key protagonists, this in-depth thriller investigation takes us right into the heart of the world’s most powerful criminal organization, to reveal its far-reaching influence on geopolitics and economy.

Who are they? What are their activities and strategies?  What is their role in the Chinese culture and history? Appearing in the 17th century, the triads built their myth around the fight against China’s enemies. After Mao’s victory, they went into exile to two new territories where they established themselves and thrived: Hong Kong and Taiwan. Members of the triads have become businessmen, in order to control part of the underground economy, both in Asia and in the West. They are merging into the game of globalization, inventing new drug networks while investing in real estate in major Canadian or Australian cities and flood the world with fentanyl and other synthetic drugs.