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    FRANCE 5, Ma Drogue à Moi

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    English, French

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An international team of archaeologists explores the heart of Saudi Arabia and the Black Desert of Jordan to find out more about the oldest megastructures in human history. An extraordinary story with spectacular discoveries and breathtaking landscapes.

In the North of Saudi Arabia and South of Jordan lie thousands of mysterious geoglyphs whose shape, when seen from the air, reminds us of giant kites. The oldest of these immense stone structures were built around 7000 BC, predating the Egyptian pyramids and the spectacular Stonehenge monument by over 4,000 years. Who designed these structures and why were they built? Using cutting-edge technologies, an international team of archaeologists led by French researcher Rémy Crassard and Franco-Jordanian research fellow Wael Abu-Azizeh are trying to solve this mystery, as they are determined to shed a new light on the little-known Neolithic period.

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