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    TREGAN (François-Xavier)

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    German, English, French

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At a time when Lebanon is going through one of its most acute existential crises, we look back at the history of Hezbollah, a controversial party supported by Iran. An insider’s account that includes unpublished testimonies delivered by the Shiite fighters  themselves.

Forty years ago, in June 1982, Israel invaded southern Lebanon, an invasion that was named Operation Peace for Galilee by the Israelis. A small guerrilla group came together in secret to resist this offensive. Formed and supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran, it officially presented itself in 1985 as Hezbollah: The Party of God. Four decades later, this small group has grown to become one of the most important military and political forces in the Middle East. A party of resistance for some, a terrorist group for others, Hezbollah is admired as much as it is feared. But the organization, which is practically a state within a state, is going through a very turbulent period as Lebanon is experiencing a major political and economic crisis.

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