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All of the Greek kings and their armies have responded to Agamemnon's call... All except two, that is: Odysseus, who pretends to be mad to avoid having to fight a war he does not believe in, although he is quickly found out, and Achilles, the greatest Greek warrior of all, who has never been fond of Agamemnon...

It is Achilles' mother, the sea nymph Thetis, who inadvertently causes him to change his mind. She tells him that his fate lies in his hands. He can fight and become a hero who will be remembered forever but die young, or he can live a long life, surrounded by his loved ones, and be consigned to oblivion. Achilles does not hesitate and goes off to join the Greek forces. Meanwhile, the seer Calchas reveals that, offended by Agamemnon, the goddess Artemis is preventing ships from leaving port. Agamemnon agrees to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia so he can assemble the largest fleet ever in order to attack Troy.