• Director(s):

    LAGNIER (Philippe), JOUSSET (Alexandra)

  • Producer(s):


  • Territories:

    Worldwide (except Italy).

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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From Trump to Bolsonaro, populism has been a method of conquering power. For the first time, this film sheds light on the hackers and people in power orchestrating chaos.

In recent years, populist movements have been mobilizing public opinion and gaining traction thanks to information technology. Donald Trump in the United States; Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil; Viktor Orban in Hungary; Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, etc... And populists are on the verge of taking power in many other countries.
Populism is above all a method of conquering and retaining power. It is a set of techniques whose main feature is opportunism: they refuse to take sides, neither left nor right. Populists claim their exclusive capacity to represent the “real people” thanks to a more direct relationship with voters; to the detriment of corrupt and discredited elites.
For the first time, this investigative documentary is shedding a light on the ones orchestrating this chaos and their methods. For this disorder has its thinkers who, thanks to trial and error, are developing a kind of “populism manual” on the networks. In the shadow of political figures, these hackers of democracy are the real threat. They are computer scientists, opinion pollsters, specialists in Big Data. And they are the new occult advisors to the political world.
There is an urgent need to understand the phenomenon and examine the tools of resistance that can be mobilized.