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    ARTE G.E.I.E

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    German, English, French

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A real-life or fictitious hero, Robin Hood is first and foremost a cultural reference. Everyone can identify with this character’s values and commitment, and it has been so for some 800 years.
A review of this legendary figure’s impact.

He is a hero celebrated on all continents across all media; an icon of popular culture, a model of virtue and commitment for all generations. But the documentaries about him are scarce. In these uncertain times, it is high time to revisit this star of social justice.
Robin never out of fashion: oppressors and oppressed are always in the news. This film tells the fascinating saga of a popular and revolutionary icon present throughout all media; from children’s songs to literature, movies, TV, comics and, more recently, video games. The champion of the poor appeals to all generations, cultures and regions of the world.