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 In 2005, the man nicknamed the African Einstein, engineer Jean-Patrice Keka, had a crazy dream: to build and launch rockets from his native DRC.

While the Americans have their astronauts, the Europeans their spacemen, the Russians their cosmonauts and the Chinese their taikonauts, he will be the first "galaxionaut" to leave the earth.
A major challenge in a country that still bears the scars of two decades of war and where 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.
Yet in 10 years, Jean-Patrice Keka and his team have managed to get five rockets off the ground, with varying degrees of success, and above all to unite hundreds of students in the Congo who also want to give Africa a future in space.
In a few months' time, thanks to a fund-raising campaign, Jean-Patrice Keka will launch Troposphère 6, a 15-metre-high rocket capable of reaching an altitude of 200km, in front of his students, colleagues and friends. More complex than its predecessors, it will carry an experiment by Swiss microbiologist Claude-Alain Roten on the discovery of the origins of life on Earth, as well as the first Congolese satellite. With this first step towards the stars, the whole of Africa can begin to dream...