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No one took him seriously; he was seen as a buffoon. Yet he was on the winning side with Brexit in 2016 and then triumphed in the December 2019 legislative elections.

Boris Johnson is the UK's new strongman. And he is radically altering his country, leaving an indelible mark on it – for better or for worse. The British people and Europe's future for the next ten years hang on to this eccentric sad clown's decisions.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Kingdom is facing a major crisis on its own, without the European Union’s help, for the first time. Boris Johnson was hit directly by this crisis, spending a week in hospital in a critical condition. The other twenty-seven watch on as the first country to get out of the union is carving its own path – all while the terms of the divorce with the EU are not even negotiated yet.
In 2020, in addition to the coronavirus crisis, the Prime Minister will have to square up against Brussels, pour oil on troubled waters regarding the Scottish and Irish desires for independence and obtain a free trade agreement with Donald Trump. He will have to pick his poison: alienating the EU by toddling into America's lap or, on the contrary, tread carefully around his European allies. These decisions will bind the UK and Europe for decades to come.
Behind his veil of buffoonery, will Boris Johnson embrace the stature that befits a statesman or lead his country to disaster? At heart, is he the United Kingdom's gravedigger? Or is he a restorer of British greatness?