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    German, English, French

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David and Deborah Pennac cultivate the image of a perfect couple, hoping to fool those around them.

In reality, David, a love coach, lives in fear of losing everything he’s got, especially his wife, whom we suspect he manipulates. As for Deborah, she would do anything to alleviate her boredom and the pain of her inability to bear children, even to the extent, it would appear, of enduring her husband’s violent outbursts.
But appearances look set to come tumbling down when David’s brother Nicolas turns up, eight years after they have fallen out. Nicolas, who is charming but borderline, is a former junkie – good reasons to refuse to put him up, despite the fact he is in distress. His wife Marie has left him and no longer gives any sign of life. She has left him their four-year-old daughter, Emma. Moved by the little girl who rekindles her longing for a child, Deborah convinces her husband to put Nicolas up for a while, and to use the time to make peace with him.
Sacha Mendel, a commanding officer with the judicial police, thinks the disappearance of Marie Pennac should be a straightforward case to deal with. But he soon becomes concerned for Deborah, who is caught between two brothers with a troubled past. When Deborah disappears in turn, something tells him he doesn’t have a moment to lose.