• Provisional Delivery : September 2023
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    DAUGIER (Sonia)

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    German, English, French

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They learned how to play tennis in one of America’s most dangerous ghettos... became the first and second tennis players worldwide and forged an unparalleled record. Black women, sculptural and powerful, embodying new codes, the Williams sisters navigated through sexism and racism, became world icons, and changed tennis forever.

A New York summer night. An overheated arena full to bursting. The stands are packed, feverish, eyes focused on a face in tears. That of Serena Williams, in the middle of the court, as she bids farewell to the world of tennis after a career that has seen her break all records. In her speech to the crowd, the greatest player of all time, choked with sobs, addressed her 15-month-old older sister, Venus: "I wouldn't be Serena if it weren't for Venus. Thank you Venus. There is only Serena because you are here ». From the stands, Venus looks at her little sister with her eyes, as she has always done since their debut.
With this sentence, Serena seals her destiny to that of her older sister. Serena, 40, and Venus, 41, have dominated the sport for many years, breaking all records for longevity, building an unparalleled record of success... and breaking down the barriers of a white sport and an America plagued by racism. Born into a modest African-American family, cradled in the culture of the ghetto, and fed on their father's mantras of confidence and nerve, Serena and Venus arrived like two UFOs in the muffled world of tennis. The two teenagers will challenge the entire system with the freshness of their youth and an acute awareness of their strength. Sculptural and powerful black women, self-confident, displaying codes never seen before, they will crystallize the divisions that tug at American society. But together, they will overcome the sexist, classist and racist remarks, the broncas of the public, the mistrust of the other players, the contempt of the tournament organizers, the sarcastic and biased comments of the journalists. United, they will not only bring women's tennis into the modern world, but will also become global icons.