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  • Provisional Delivery : October 2024
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    AMOUROUX (Vincent)

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    HAUTEVILLE Productions

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    German, English, French

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Our brain constantly simplifies reality, opening the door to false logical thought patterns called cognitive biases. These intuitive mechanisms create errors of judgment that affect individual and societal behaviors marketing loves to play with, thus giving birth to fake news.

There is a multitude of biases anchored deep in our brain that leads to errors of perception, evaluation, interpretation... Originally, their function is to allow our brain to save time and energy by developing mental shortcuts. They also facilitate our sociability. In the complexity of our modern world though, this cerebral trick sometimes turns against us, and certain ancestral mechanisms are no longer adapted to the reality of our daily life. Marketing and advertising never stop playing with them; swindlers exploit them for their own benefit; fake news are spread thanks to them. Thus, a better understanding of how it works is a real individual and societal challenge.