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    SCHUMACHER (J. Michael)

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    German, English, French

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Since she was a child, Marit dreamed of raising huskies and participating in sled dog races. Today she is 37 years old; in 5 participations in the Finnmarksløpet, the longest and most difficult race in Europe, she has already climbed twice on the podium's 2nd step.

This time she is entering the competition with a new team of dogs. GEO Reports is following the race closely: a 1,200-kilometer trail in the far north of Norway.
Susana is an outstanding organizer and Marit's best friend. She has been at her side for 14 years on the snowy slopes. Marit is the team's “musher”: she leads the team of 14 dogs throughout the 12 stages of the competition in the snow and on the ice, over frozen mountains and rivers.
Susana and a few friends are the support: at each refreshment point, they provide the driver with new equipment if necessary and take care of the dogs in case of injury or fatigue. In addition, an international team of veterinarians also looks after the animals’ good health. As soon as a dog shows signs of exhaustion or muscular problems, it is removed from the race and cannot be replaced. To avoid being disqualified, the musher must cross the finish line with at least six of the fourteen dogs that originally made up his team. Will Marit and Susana reach their goal?