• Director(s):

    OSTER (Andrea), SCHWARZ (Anna)

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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Open a new chapter on the Nazi spoliation this history-thriller, international investigation and harrowing personal family story recounts how a Jewish chef lost the author's rights of her best-selling cookbook. Similar cases reveal a system of abuse that can still be found today!

In 1938, a chef named Alice Urbach has to flee Vienna, leaving behind a bestselling cookbook, that she had written two years earlier. Her publisher decides that, as a Jew, she can no longer be the author. A new, Aryan name replaces hers on the cover. Until her death in exile in 1983, Alice Urbach is denied recognition for her work. She is deprived of her life's major achievement. And she is not an isolated case.
Today, Alice’s granddaughter Karina Urbach, a historian at the University of London, uncovers this scandal. The topic of intellectual expropriation has never been studied before, academic research is only beginning. Her personal investigation leads her to archives in Vienna, London and Munich, where she finds letters, tapes and film documents she thought long lost. The ancestor turns out to be an extraordinary person, far from the stereotype of the cooking grandmother: Alice Urbach is a strong woman, an entrepreneur and pioneer of the early women’s liberation movement in the 1930s, who continues to reinvent herself over and over again, until old age. Every turn in her life-story is a new surprise.

Official Selection WRPN Women’s Film Festival, LA Independent Women Film Awards, Vienna Jewish Film Festival