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    ARTE FRANCE, PMP (penelope - morgane productions)

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    German, English, French

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He is the only actor in the history of cinema to have won three Oscars. Known for the dramatic intensity of his roles – which are as striking as they are diverse (aristocrat, petty thug, outcast or criminal) – for directors such as Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg.

He is also known as one of the most selective international actors. He has announced his intention to retire from acting after the shooting of Phantom Thread in 2017. Daniel Day-Lewis is a visceral and uncompromising actor: in just 20 films, he never stopped pushing the envelope in his performances. He had more than a sterling work ethic; he poured his blood, sweat and tears in his craft. It was a way for him to escape from a family legacy that had become too heavy to bear. This film harks back to the roots of a family mythology, in which the actor is the last hero, in spite of himself.