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    POIRIER (Agnès)

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    German, English, French

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Why did the release of Deep Throat in 1972 have such a strong impact on our western civilizations?

It could be summarized as follows:
- It was the first time that a porn movie was shown on the big screen for the general public. Porn was no longer confined to screenings in sex shops or brothels: porn was becoming mainstream.
- Porn even became "fashionable", synonymous with freedom, destroying the stifling strictures of morality: the birth of the term porno chic (a term coined by the New York Times).
- Female pleasure is put forward in a playful film: the clitoris was actually the hero of the film (admittedly a clitoris judiciously placed for the pleasure of men). In 1976, during the "Deep Throat" trial - for the federal crime of interstate transportation of obscene material - the judge would even candidly ask what "clitoral orgasm" meant...
- The first porn star in history, celebrated by the media and fashionable stars, Linda Lovelace was also the first to speak out against the conditions of porn a few years later. No one believed her, no one believed that she had been the victim of threats and violence from her husband. The resonance with today is staggering. At the time of the #MeToo movement, her testimony and its reception takes on a whole new dimension.
- First "sex war", as it was called at the time, within the feminist movement which had just been born: two sides appear and radically oppose each other, those in favor or against pornography - and prostitution
- the pro-sex on one side, advocating the liberation of women's sexuality without censorship, and the abolitionists on the other, denouncing the exploitation of women and the rape culture conveyed by porn, according to them. A fracture that is still relevant today.