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"Real people" welcome us into their homes, far off the beaten track, and allow us to get to know their countries, their families, their jobs or their passions.
75 portraits make up this living mosaic of Europe!

Strong, surprising and remarkable personalities - Leo, a boxing-mad broker from London; Enda, an Albanian designer who's preparing her first fashion-show in Tirana; Elisabetta, a Sicilian woman who, after travelling round Europe, takes over the family olive-oil business; Bosse, a Finnish biker who's also a doting father; Jean, a priest in the Belgian Ardennes who at the age of 70 is going to leave his parishioners in order to marry the love of his life; Didda, a grocer-woman from Reykjavik who dreams only of poetry; Gabriela, a struggling Slovakian actress who's waiting for her dream-role. All these different faces of one and the same Europe.

As Bulgaria and Romania swell the ranks of the member-states of the Union, the goal of the Welcome to documentary collection is to create a living mosaic of Europe, day by day, far from the institutional machine.

Welcome to bears in equal measure the imprint of young authors and experienced directors, such as Solveig Anspach, Nino Kirtadze, Manu Bonmariage, Cyril Mennegun, Dominique Gros, Judit Kele, Vassili Silovic, Patric Jean, Peter Vaclav and many others.

2007 : Special Mention at Doc en Courts (Lyon, France) for LITHUANIA: WELCOME TO DOVID'S WORLD