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    MONSSENS (Olivier)

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    German, English, French

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Whether you like him or not, whether he arouses admiration, perplexity or laughter, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s life is an incredible and unconventional adventure from Belgium to Hollywood Hills.

In 1988, an random guy named Jean-Claude Van Damme became a worldwide celebrity by getting the lead role in a low-budget martial arts film that should have been released only on DVD, but would make millions of dollars.

This was the beginning of a spectacular rise for the young Belgian who had arrived in Los Angeles six years earlier, without money or connections but with a stainless determination, which, after many setbacks, would make him one of the best rated action film actors in Hollywood for more than a decade.

Harder would be the fall at the end of the 90s, which drug abuse would accelerate. Mocked for the lunar and surrealistic reflections with which he now spices up his interviews, Jean-Claude would however know salvation in 2008 thanks to his humble and lucid performance in JCVD, a French film telling the story of a former kick-boxing star who has lost everything and finds his roots in Brussels. After which, little by little, Van Damme would climb back up the steps of respect.

Since then, between the United States, Asia and Europe, Jean-Claude Van Damme, unable to stop, has switched between action films, dramas and self-deprecating parodies, making him one of the most lovable figures in cinema.