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A new light on the Holocaust brought by recent research on the role of the ghettos in the Jewish community’s extermination process. This moving documentary reveals the actual role these antechambers of death played in history, based on the recent exhumation and translation of diaries unveiling ghettos’ daily life.

It's believed that there were about 1200 ghettos before and during the Second World War. Unlike the concentration camps, the ghetto created by the Nazis had no single model, nor any central administration. It was the local authorities who decided how to isolate, exploit, terrorize and annihilate the Jewish population. In the first years of their existence, they served as a place for the persecutors to experiment with the slow annihilation of an entire population that suffered terrible living conditions, deliberately created so as to increase the number of deaths among the inhabitants - who were in fact prisoners. These spaces, integral parts of the Holocaust, were reservoirs of labor for the German arms industry or construction work, before becoming, for some, places of massacre perpetrated by the Nazis. This documentary aims to follow the intimate trajectories of the ghettos and their prisoners, recounting the mortifying daily life of the Jewish community of the ghettos.