• Series (4 Episodes available)

  • Director(s):

    FRAPAT (LAURENT), JEGO Fitzgérald, STEIGER (Vincent)

  • Producer(s):

    ARTE FRANCE, One Planet

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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From the shoals and seagrass beds of Zanzibar, Tanzania, to the dunes and lagoons of the Wadden Sea, Germany, take a closer look at the unknown and tumultuous lives of shoreline creatures around the globe as they struggle to survive.

Braving the Tides takes us between land and sea where the ceaseless ebb and flow of the water shapes mysterious and spellbinding universes. Sandy, rocky, silty or made of coral; cold or temperate; subjected to strong or weak tidal ranges, each shore is a world of its own, populated with unique species.
At the heart of these remarkable environments, we will discover the various strategies animals and plants have developed to survive the periods when the sea washes over everything and those when it brutally disappears. Because, twice a day, the dwellers of the shores must adapt to brutal temperature or oxygen changes, stand firm against the waves, currents or the violent gusts of wind.
To each shore its heroes, and to each hero its strategy to brave the elements. From the rocky tide pools of the Salish Sea, Canada, to the emerging coral plateaus of Kimberley, Australia; from the shoals and seagrass beds of Zanzibar, Tanzania, to the dunes and lagoons of the Wadden Sea, Germany, we will follow the incredible adventures of the animals of the seashores.
You’ll never see shorelines the same way again.

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