• Director(s):

    BENHAMOU (Stéphane)

  • Producer(s):

    SIECLE Productions, ARTE FRANCE

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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Outside of his films, Bill Murray is almost always an elusive man. He hates interviews but isn't a misanthrope. He prefers to be where we don't expect him. This film reveals the extraordinary character behind the famous actor. 

From Wilmette, the small town in Illinois where he grew up; to New York, where he established his fame in the Saturday Night Live; to Chicago, where he made his debut; Paris which fascinated him and Los Angeles which he hates – we will meet witnesses who will help us understand this one-off character.
The structure pays homage to one of his instant classics: Groundhog Day. A never ending quest with its share of humor, tenderness, mystery and nonsense.
Each day of this film deals with an aspect of his life from his childhood to nowadays: his personality, a place, a key moment in his career. Each day unravels a little more of the mystery and teach us more about his life and journey. Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day wants to know everything about Andie MacDowell's tastes and avoid any mistake in hope of seducing her one day. Like him, the narrator of our film wants to take every parameter into account for the day he will finally manage to meet Bill Murray.