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  • Provisional Delivery : February 2019
  • Director(s):

    DUFRESNE (David)

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  • Language(s):

    German, English, French

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Pigalle in 2017 is like a city-world that repeats itself – triumphant gentrification and engulfing emptiness – while it also has been hailed as a magnificent locality from its inception; it is an incredibly mixed territory and a sort of creative and artistic anomaly within Paris’ framework. 

Nowadays, Pigalle is called SoPi (for South Pigalle); the district has become a trademark. The hooker bars have become trendy cafés. We have kept the names and peeled everything else off. It could be Soho, or London, or anywhere. In the big cities, the hipsters’ reproduction of their business model and codes leads to an urban standardization that often excludes the poorer classes.
Through a unique movie installation (a pocket cinema on the main square) “Le Pigalle” will gather locals and witnesses of the district’s rich history. It will be like a furtive and popular cultural re-appropriation of the area.
Our film will tell the story of a square, a district, and a people like a vibrant convergence of Parisian culture. The pivotal moments of its transformation will be reenacted – the Trente Glorieuses, the 70s crisis, the 80s anguish, the gentrification from 2000 onwards – as a modern retelling of Pigalle’s vivid tale.