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  • Producer(s):

    ARTE FRANCE, PMP (penelope - morgane productions)

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  • Language(s):

    German, French

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TWENTY-FOUR HOURS completes the EUROPE ATTITUDE collection with 3 of the cities. The idea of this collection is to translate the emotions we can feel when, far from home, we arrive in a foreign city for the first time ; the moments when we get off the plane, the car, the boat.

Architectural, historical or artistical emotions...
Some emotions most of the time translated through encounters we can make there.
With some good characters, ordinary or extraordinary, but always likeable. The pleasure of shooting from dawn on Friday to twilight on Sunday, to go through the city as in emergency, but with a special care. To capture the breathe of this city, its movements, its peculiarities, its future. We follow these people in their daily lives in different places, we discover the city and its history through these lives.